Political candidates and organizations are faced with an ever-increasing need for significant financial support. Since 1999, The Katz Watson Group has provided expert fundraising and consulting services to political candidates at all levels of the ballot, political action committees, party committees and issue advocacy organizations to meet the growing need for support. The Katz Watson Group, while based in Washington, has extensive national fundraising experience across the United States.


With over 20 years of success in political and nonprofit fundraising and strategic planning, The Katz Watson Group has the knowledge, talent and experience necessary to effectively guide organizations and individuals in targeted fundraising decisions and campaigns.


The goal of The Katz Watson Group is to serve as a trustworthy liaison between you and your funders in order to reach your financial goals. We are committed to developing innovative ideas to maximize your fundraising and political potential. The Katz Watson Group’s strength is its seasoned staff and our collective ability to offer comprehensive and thoughtful political counsel.


As a boutique consulting firm, we are personally involved in the daily activities of our clients. We pride ourselves on our collaborative, hands-on approach to reaching and surpassing goals. The Katz Watson Group has an extensive and powerful network of relationships, both in DC and nationally, which allows us to provide the highest caliber of service to your campaign or organization. We focus on creating strong long-term relationships between our clients and donors, as well as between our firm and our clients.

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